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Let it go down the drain

  • Gutter cleaning

  • Gutter repairs

  • Downpipe unblocking

  • High level gutter cleaning

  • Pressure cleaning

  • Commercial gutter cleaning

If you are looking for affordable gutter cleaning services that offer short and long-term benefits, make sure you get in touch with Cambridge Contractor. We believe our work helps to transform our property and no matter how much support you need in cleaning your gutters, we are here to assist you, so please get in touch.

We use state of the art equipment to clean your gutters


While we aim to provide a traditional standard of great customer service, we are pleased to say we have moved with the times when it comes to technology. We utilize state of the art equipment to ensure you receive the highest standard of cleaning service.


We have cherry pickers to ensure we can work at all heights, and that our team operates in a safe manner. There is no need to compromise on safety when it comes to cleaning gutters, and you can be confident in the services we offer.

We are also pleased to say that we use vacuum systems and power pole systems. This machinery and equipment ensure we clean your gutters and drains effectively and efficiently.

This is work that may take you a lot of time but for us, it is a quick and straightforward job. We aim to provide you with dependable service and then vacate your premises, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of clean gutters.

Gutter Cleaning from Cambridge Contractors

Residential Gutter Cleaning Service

Our friendly, uniformed technicians will take care of all your gutter cleaning projects safely, efficiently, and effectively. We use the latest gutter cleaning equipment, including high powered vacuums. When needed, we clean gutters by hand and good old fashioned scoops. With these tools, we ensure that all major debris is removed from your gutter so it can flow as it’s meant to.

Why Use a Gutter Cleaning Service?

Everyone knows clean gutters are critical to maintaining your home, however it’s a job most people don’t look forward to. Hauling ladders around your home, scrambling onto the roof and trying to access those hard to reach areas can make gutter cleaning a difficult and dangerous task. With our state of the art equipment and professional training, Cambridge Contractors friendly, uniformed technicians will take the worry out of cleaning your gutters by doing the job safely and efficiently in just one detailed visit.


The Benefits of Cleaning Gutters

If you don’t keep up with regular gutter maintenance, you can end up with all sorts of problems. The most common issue is overflowing water, which can seep into your home and cause damage. You could end up with water seeping into your siding, basement, walkways, and foundation. You also risk doing damage to the gutters themselves, as the weight from water and leaves can cause them to sag, and sometimes become detached from the house.

Also the wet, swampy environment created by clogged gutters makes it a perfect breeding ground for insects and can attract other pests. That’s definitely a problem you want to avoid! This is why it’s so important to stick to a regular maintenance program.

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