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Trust the Pressure Washing Pros to Clean Every Spot

When the time comes to consider home improvement projects, it is important to clean both the interior and exterior areas of your home. For instance, sidewalks, driveways, decks, fences and many other parts need a thorough cleaning with a special professional-standard pressure washing machine. At Globexx Incorporated, we are the experts at all pressure washing services to accomplish the tough cleaning tasks. As we use high powered water pressure along with other cleaning solutions to remove the dirt, debris, and stains. We pressure clean as well as maintain nearly every surface that is present at your property. Here is a list of the common areas that often need a professional pressure washing treatment:


Sidings Cleaning to Make it Spotless

The team from Cambridge Contractors is specialized in all sidings washing solutions. Regardless of the size of your property, we are able to effectively clean the entire area, from top to bottom



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Paver Washing.jpg

Paver Washing Service

For the homeowners with excellent brickwork on your property, we have the pressure washing solution for your pavers. Over time, your brick pavers will become dirty and lose its beauty. Furthermore, it is also seen that the newly placed bricks have tags of cement on the surface. In all these cases, we employ our expert pressure washing team to resolve these issues. We apply the correct amount of pressure to properly clean and not damage your pavers, because we know that brickwork involves very flexible substances.

Pressure Washing Your Pool Area

If you have a swimming pool in your premise, chances are it gets a lot of use during the year. If its surrounding area becomes filthy by not being properly maintained, your pool experience will not be enjoyable. Our pressure cleaning specialists for treating your poolside restores the original look by pressure washing to remove all dirt, debris, and stains.

Pool Area.jpg
Patio Cleaning.jpg

Patio Cleaning for the Best Solution

Your patio is a wonderful site, where you enjoy time to relax and arrange small gatherings. Unfortunately, your home patio area may receive varying elements from the weather conditions. A common issue is that mold may appear in certain areas. So, our pressure washing experts will restore the beautiful appearance to your patio, regardless of whether they are made of bricks, pavers or concrete. Get your patio prepared for the upcoming season or that special gathering you are planning. The highest quality cleaning technologies we implement will remove all light stains and stubborn spots, making your patio look new again.

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